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We provide an array of handyman services for residential areas and offices. Our handyman personnel are CLiCk certified by our in-house trainers from CA Facilities Pte Ltd (CAF). CAF has amassed an extensive experience in handyman services over the last 20 years..

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Handymen are general fix-it specialists who use problem-solving and technical skills to solve maintenance problems, usually involving a wide range of repairs, typically around the home. These tasks which include trade skills, repair work, maintenance work, can be both interior and exterior, and are sometimes described as…

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There has been a growing need for handyman services in most countries around the world which can be attributed to several contributing factors which include, local demand, market influence, owning second homes, commercial property maintenance and people’s lives becoming busier and more hectic with more people now looking for help with odd-jobs around their home, I.e. changing light fittings, or putting up shelves.

Handyman Woes

Finding a reliable handyman – Firstly, where does one go to find a good handyman? Most people begin with asking their friends, relatives or neighbours to recommend one that they have used before. If that does not work, people would normally then consult with their local hardware store, electric or plumbing suppliers. Those have been the standard go-to solutions, however when there are absolutely no handyman services available, finding a reliable handyman to deal with their repair demands can be extremely difficult and futile.

Simple Hacks

Do you ever feel like the chores around your home never seem to end? How many times have you spent hours handling tricky cleanups and repairs to no fruition? If this is the case, then you arenot alone — we have compiled a list of home hacks that might assist you in resolving these issues. Amongst these ideas, you might find solutions for the common problems. They will save you time and help you avoid getting annoyed.

A Typical Day for A Handyman

There might not be a “typical” day for a handyman. Jobs can be unpredictable and requests differ from owner to owner. Considering the astronomical number of about 1.37 million (2019) households in Singapore, it is easy to understand why skilled handymen are always in high demand.

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CLiCk’s success came from its ability to enable users to post and engage any type of handyman services from the comfort of their home.

We provide users the required services and advice that will resolve users’ problem for each of their job posting. We are the only platform

that provides users with the convenience of posting any type or form of job requests.