A Typical Day for A Handyman

There might not be a “typical” day for a handyman. Jobs can be unpredictable and requests differ from owner to owner.

Considering the astronomical number of about 1.37 million (2019) households in Singapore, it is easy to understand why

skilled handymen are always in high demand. The duties and responsibilities of a handyman vary daily. Most experienced

handymen will tell you no two days are the same. It is the most exciting aspect of this career field. There is also a wide

spectrum of customers ranging from commercial offices, condominiums, HDB flats, retail outlets to hawker stalls.

Work Schedules Variation

Some appointments are completed quickly, while others may take longer. Handymen start their day on the CLiCk Handyman

App, which is where they will learn about the various appointments that they have accepted for the day. Not only are they

downloaded on the job requests they will be doing that day, but they will also gather all of the tools they will require

for each appointment. They work and organise the tasks they have committed for the day based on their own availability.

No Standard, Daily Duties

There is no monotony or predictability to the work schedule and working day. For example, they could take an entire day

to attend to plumbing and sanitary repairs. On the next day, they could be dealing with job requests ranging from

fixing a DIY dressing table to repairing a ceiling laundry rack or they could easily be breezing through a bunch of quick fixes.

Additional Responsibilities

Even though our handymen plan out their job route in the morning, anything can arise all of a sudden and that could affect

their schedule for that day. Sometimes there is an emergency job request that calls for their service where a customer

might possibly require urgent help in their house or office concerning a power failure or a major water leak. It can get hectic

and overwhelming at times.

CLiCk, a brand name synonymous with service of convenience, a simple-to-operate mobile application, good workmanship

and attention-to-detail services, we are confident that our handymen will live up to our reputation in providing a professional

and unbiased standard that owners rely on when it comes to making critical repair decisions. Our attention to detail and quality

service has given CLiCk the distinction of being the Simpliest, Most Convenient and Best handyman app and service in Singapore.