CLiCk Handyman

Simple . Convenient . Good

There has been a growing need for handyman services in most countries around the world which can be attributed to several contributing factors which include, local demand, market influence, owning second homes, commercial property maintenance and people’s lives becoming busier and more hectic with more people now looking for help with odd-jobs around their home, I.e. changing light fittings, or putting up shelves.

The existing handyman services solutions striving to solve this problem are defragmented, offering contacts scattered throughout the web and with no structured method of determining the location and quality of service provided by these handymen. Our platform is a mobile application for locating handyman services which aids in streamlining this process and provides a structured approach for determining location and quality of services provided by a particular handyman.

Locating handyman services is difficult because the services offered differ in costs, quality and there is a broad range with regards to the type of services that each handyman provides. In case of emergencies like tap leakage or electrical tripping amongst others, it becomes difficult for one to have access to these services immediately.

Another great challenge faced by homeowners is determining the quality of services provided by these handymen and their price transparency. The existing solutions are defragmented, offering just contacts scattered throughout the web or perhaps through friends’ recommendations. This makes the process of finding and locating these services difficult and tedious.

CLiCk provides a mobile application based on Apple/Android operating system that uses a service-specific filter to locate CLiCk handyman services of the closest match to the user’s defined job and preferred date/time. It also possessed a feature for rating the handyman services to ensure quality deliveryof services by the handymen. Users have two options to explore from whenusing our mobile application:

  • Fixed Price
  • Name Your Price

It is Simple . Convenient . Good!