Handyman Woes

Finding a reliable handyman – Firstly, where does one go to find a good handyman? Most people begin with asking their friends, relatives or neighbours to recommend one that they have used before. If that does not work, people would normally then consult with their local hardware store, electric or plumbing suppliers. Those have been the standard go-to solutions, however when there are absolutely no handyman services available, finding a reliable handyman to deal with their repair demands can be extremely difficult and futile.

Here are the 3 most common hurdles you are likely to face in your repair work journey:

Ripping off

There are many handyman woes faced by home owners. Mention home repair rip-offs, and everyone has at least one story. This is owed to the fact that many individuals have been ripped off by handymen that produce a poor standard of work and do not honour their initial agreed upon price after they have completed said work. There are also no rules or guide as to how much one should pay a handyman. Threats from handyman are common as well. On more than one occasion, we have even heard of a handyman threatening to destroy all the work that he has done unless the owner pays him in full immediately. Another handyman horror story involved the handyman refusing to replace a toilet cover that he had broken.

Work is Simple & I can do it

There are customers who are reluctant to engage a handyman because the needed works seem rather simple for a layman to perform. They often think that if their spouse would just get up off the sofa, the repairs could easily be completed and would not cost anything. They also believe that if they had the right tools, they could probably handle it themselves. How many times have you looked at a problem and said, “I need to take care of that.” The issue here in is that you may not have time to take care of such repair matters because these issues pale in comparison to a million other things which are seemingly more important. It is highly recommended not to put these repair works off because they will only add up and snowball into a bigger problem down the road.

Repair or not to repair

In some ways, owning a home is like owning a car, especially in Singapore. This is because the older a house gets, the more repairs one has to put into it. Some homeowners do not begin home repairs until the home situation reaches a really bad stage. A dripping tap or a loose door knob does not bother you initially, at least not until water begins to pool on your parquet floor or when the doorknob falls off the door. The most efficient and cheapest way to deal with faulty parts in your house is to address these issues with immediacy. Most of these faulty parts could be repaired without incurring any unnecessary costs which can pile on when the situations turn dire.

No matter who you hire, or for what purpose, you want that person to be trustworthy. In order to do so, whether you are hoping to repair your air-conditioning unit, or perhaps put up your favourite picture, we have compiled a list for you, to help you avoid the rogue handyman and instead build a reliable relationship with CLiCk, and the team behind it.

CLiCk Handyman – So download our CLiCk Handyman App and look forward to a great and smooth journey with us when your home or office requires repair works!