The benefits of using CLiCk Handyman

We provide an array of handyman services for residential areas and offices. Our handyman personnel are CLiCk certified by our in-house trainers from CA Facilities Pte Ltd (CAF). CAF has amassed an extensive experience in handyman services over the last 20 years.

The benefits of using CLiCk Handyman are as follows:

Certified Handyman – Our team consists of remarkable individuals who are acclaimed specialists in their respective field of work. All our handyman personnel have undergone background checks, are insured, multi-skilled, professionally trained and certified by CliCk’s in-house trainers. In other words, you can be absolutely certain that any work they carry out for you will be of top-notch quality. Whether it be for your home or your workplace, a single visit is all it takes, nothing will be left “hanging.” It is as simple as “You Click and We Fix”. We ensure that engagement of our services is Simple, Convenient and Good.

No Charge – We do not charge any fees if our handyman personnel fail to complete the requested services. It is that Simple.

Service of Convenience – Unsure of Where, What and Which replacement parts to buy? We would be delighted to simplify the process by buying these parts for you. Simply indicate your preference in your booking and we will make the necessary arrangements. It is that Convenient.

Name Your Price – We are the only mobile application that allows our users to name their price for any repair job. We understand that everyone has a budget to work within. Our mobile application satisfies your needs by allowing you to offer the price that you are willing to pay for the requested handyman services. Simply sit back and relax while waiting for our confirmation and acceptance of your job request. And yes, life can be that Good.

Price Transparency – We pride ourselves on our price transparency and commitment. You pay for what has been accepted by our handyman and nothing more. It is a nett price, based on your selection of the job request and the issues you have indicated. There are no additional costs whatsoever. Additional job requests arising on site will be raised to us by our handyman personnel and this request has to be accepted by you before they can proceed. In efforts of further protecting your interest, our handyman personnel will not be able to carry out any works without you providing him an unique OTP which will be sent to you through the mobile application.

Lowest Price – Our mobile application helps you to source and compare all available prices offered by our team of handyman personnel and only the lowest price will be offered to you. All you need to do is to click it and we will fix it.